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don’t meow about it b about it

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A Feminist claims she can receive PTSD over “internet harassment”. Compares herself to War Veterans, then threatens to fire any Veteran calling her out on her claim. Upon video’s release, resorts to ignorance and name calling.

>I want to claim PTSD cause my feelings got hurt.

>My life is just as hard as a veteran, I have been bedridden and now have therapy while working from home.

>Her life as been hell for 6 months.

I am just going to put this out there. A lot of jobs are tough, but my hardest one was serving my country. Being away from my family (besides r&r) for 14 months for one deployment and 12 months for next one is hard. People like this women are why vets only like being around other vets. To people like this women who have silly claims like this. All I’m going to say is “don’t ever compare yourself to me”.

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whoever made these is going to jail. i aint playin games here

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Garry & Gilli.

A poster celebrating the upcoming union of Garry Marshall and Gilli Jacobs (as heard on Scott Aukerman’s wonderful Comedy Bang Bang podcast). Available on my Society6.

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i need a new url

help me, my friends

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